Ben Wheeler (right)

Ben is a Seattle native who grew up in a musical family. He started playing guitar at age 10, focusing on classical guitar through high school and college. Alongside his 25 year career as a K-12 classroom teacher, administrator, and curriculum developer, Ben has played guitar professionally in a wide range of venues in Santa Barbara, California, and Seattle, Washington. Ben continues to perform both classical music and jazz, with an emphasis on gyspy jazz, bossa nova, and standards.

Edgar Haimerl (left)

Edgar was born and raised in Regensburg-Germany (near Munich). He started playing guitar at High School. As a student in Freiburg he played electric guitar and bass in rock bands, dance bands and in a rock musical. Beside these regular gigs he played in a classical guitar duo. When he moved to Seattle with his family in 2004 he developed a growing love for Jazz music. He got involved in various Jazz bands, playing standards, latin and gypsy jazz on electric and acoustic guitars.

Bonnie Birch (left)

Bonnie started accordion lessons at the age of seven and is an active professional accordionist in the Northwest. She plays many styles of music including Gypsy Jazz, Italian, French, German, and American Standards. She has received numerous awards over the years for her virtuosity.